Martin Tall

Senior Software Engineer/Researcher, Durham 2011

Relocated project from Stanford University concerning research on Radiologists search patterns in relation to chest nodule detection in Computed Tomograpgy volumes. Continued development of eye tracking software for advancing the research beyond what is possible with standard commercial alternatives. Managment of a small eye tracking lab and facilitating recording sessions with residents and staff.

Engineering Research Associate, Palo Alto 2009-2011

Research on visual search patters and perceptual capabilities of Radiologists. Development of methodology and technical platform for gaze data acquisition, analysis and visualizations compatible with the medial image DICOM standard. Part of a multidisciplinary research group investigating how medical doctors navigate and evaluate large volumetric datasets created by imaging modalities such as CT-scanners. Pricipal investigators: Professor Geoffrey Rubin, M.D. (now at Duke) in conjunction with Professor Sandy Napel, Ph.D. Additional collaborators David S. Paik, Ph.D, Justus Roos, M.D, Kingshuk Roy Choudhury, Ph.D, Florian Schmitzberger, M.Sc, Danielle Rasooly, Tae-Jung Kim, M.D, Donald L. Ly and Joo Sung Sun, M.D.

Systems Manager, Helsingborg 2003-2006

Sole responsibility for installing, maintaining, upgrading the infrastructure used by about two hundred individuals. Position covered a wide range of responsibilities, from building the physical network to develop custom software and responding to support requests. The position required frequent contact with teachers, students and managers to solve everyday issues. Since the organization was growing year by year the position required strategic planning and the flexibility to adapt within a tight budget.

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  • Software Development
    • Development of a tailormade web application for keeping track of students, courses and grades.
    • Exporting data to the Swedish national grade database
    • Generating individual PDF's on demand for archive and printing grades.
    • Technical platform: LAMP
  • Linux Server Software
    • Suse Linux 9.1
    • Samba 3
    • Squid proxy server
    • Apache Webserver with SSL
    • MySQL Database Server
    • openLDAP Directory Server for accounts
    • Sendmail
  • Windows Client Management
    • Windows XP configuration
    • Antivirus/Security/Backups
    • Maintaining an up to date software suite
    • OpenOffice Network Install (individual profiles)
  • Network Hardware Installation and Administration
    • Zyxel Zywall 70 (firewall)
    • HP Procurve gigabit switches
    • Dell PowerEdge Servers
    • Compaq Proliant Server
    • Lacie NAS

Website: Reference: Katja Tamner & Christer Andersson

Software Developer Consultant, June 2005 – May 2006
Foxguard sells automotive immobilizer devices for vehicles to prevent intoxicated individuals to drive. They supply hundreds of workshops, whom perform thousands of installations. I came as a third party consultant for analyzing and implementing a web based solution to manage the data generated by performed installations. I developed a solution that enhances the business process both from the resellers and the internal perspective. Foxguard can now export rich sets of the data, search for events and transactions and fully manage the accounts and information. The resellers have their own database of customers, devices, codes and access to documentation.

Platform and functionality

  • Apache
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP 5
  • Customized Microsoft Excel Data Export
  • Security Logging
  • Administrative Email Notifications
Website: Reference: BK Grafisk Design / Bo Klasson

Webengineer, 1999-2001
The mission at Boppnet was to create a web based marketplace where international producers and importers could conduct business. Manufactures had the opportunity to showcase their products to potential buyers. Working close with partners the platform grew to support chambers of commerce organizations, logistics integration, payment solutions, company databases, venture capital forums and other resources. Given the global spectrum there was a need for a high performance solution based on Web Server Clusters and Oracle which I architected and developed in conjunction with graphic artists, marketing and management.

Platform and functionality

  • Oracle 8i Database
  • Oracle Application Server
  • PL/SQL
  • Turbolinux Cluster Server
  • Debitech Payment Solution
  • Danza Logistics Integration
  • ImageMagick Photo upload and management
  • Automatic notification agents
  • Advanced search engine functionality
Website: Offline Reference: Claus Assarsson, now CEO at

Software Developer Consultant, September 2001 – December 2001
Aupaircenter, now Aupair and Language Center, established their online presence through the initial web based matchmaking software that I and Mats-Ola Strm (CTO, developed as a consultant project working long and late hours every day in the prime of the dotcom boom. Based on a high number of criterias the families could locate aupairs from all over the world. Basically a database interface with forms, search and filter functions.


  • Apache on Red Hat Linux
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP
Website: Reference: Mats-Ola Strom, now CTO at